The Egypt of Abraham and Joseph and Moses

Unwrapping the PharaohsI bought from CMI and have just finished reading a truly fascinating book called Unwrapping the Pharaohs by David Down and I have watched the included DVD with two episodes of the old but good series “Digging up the Past”. The book’s content is superbly presented with lots of rich colour and the biblically synchronised timeline of the Pharaohs Khufu, Sesostris I, Sesostris III and Amenemhet III and Abraham, Joseph and Moses is stunning in its linking; faith rises! And then there is Hyksos in Egypt, Saul and the Amalekites, Solomon and his Egyptian bride, and the queen of Sheba and the more things, the biblical account seems so richly accurate next to its contemporaries and is nevertheless confirmed wonderfully in what we do see. The DVD although grainy is wonderfully rich with footage shot on location in Egypt and David Down’s commentary is delightful to listen to.

An interesting point was the fact that dynasties were regularly contemporary since also by the nature of things a long thin country stretched along the Nile is easily divided into kingdoms. Furthermore Ethiopia and Nubia and Cush/Sudan were often conflated with Egypt because numerous Pharaohs had their capitals in the South at Luxor and not North near Memphis. So in the bible sometimes we read about these places, but at the time they were under Egyptian rule having been conquered and drawing tribute.

Well worth the pricey purchase. I shall be keeping this nearby next time I read the old histories from Genesis through to the Kings.

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