Wilhelm in Machinga

Praise God, that Wilhelm met William and his father yesterday in Machinga. They met up, ate a meal together. Wilhelm & Anton and William and his father drove through to the “garden” (aka. the farm). Wilhelm was a great encouragement to William and his father, apparently the one thing lacking was enough of “God’s blanket” the covering layer of composting materials. This meant that the soil hadn’t retained enough moisture. Wilhelm said not to worry about the rain/weather/climate because God is in control and He will supply every need. The advice and the encouragements were gratefully received, and William is to be hoeing out some of the more vociferous weeds for a few days to prevent trouble in September when they start preparing again.

They then went to visit the one of the farmers in a nearby district that William trained. He has access to irrigation (the “garden” is close to the house, so he could run pipes from the house). He harvested 65 bags! So although William’s harvest was poor at least they know it works, and with enough water the harvest truly is plentiful.

Another group that William trained were also visited. They hadn’t done the weeding diligently enough and had also not followed William’s instructions on the second fertilizing. So they will have some work to do this next season, however at least the half of the farm they had under Farming God’s Way actually had a harvest, the other half of the farm was devastated by the drought. So they are also more keen than ever.

William has been invited to Blantyre for a training session on composting and making ones own fertilizer. We pray that he can attend, and continue to be a blessing, and also that next year he will received a bountiful harvest from his land which he prepared so diligently.

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