Breakfast with Wilhelm

I had the pleasure of breakfast with Wilhelm, he had been back for a while after his seven weeks of travels in Africa, but with been sick and busyness both sides our meeting was delayed. It had been hard time physically (struggles with health for seven full weeks), but full of fruit and blessings. My eyes kept tearing up every few minutes listening to God’s amazing provision, and deliverance and the miracles wrought in people’s lives by the gospel and the dignity of being able to grow enough food. There were wonderful stories of folks getting saved and delivered, some movement on the seed bank idea (localized contracting with farmers to grow open-pollinated crops for seed), training and favour with chiefs, breakthroughs in Burundi and Rwanda, restorations of relationships… I don’t have time to write all about it, nor could I accurately since it was so much I have already got some of it mixed up!

I asked Wilhelm about dates for March so I could plan to be in Malawi the same time as he is, so as to participate in some of the training/ministry. He doesn’t have dates yet though because he has a call to minister in Jos, Nigeria where a group of churches with 160 pastors have asked that he come and give training. This is the highest priority for the first quarter so the dates will fall in with that. These churches have sent out 2000+ missionary couples to various Muslim towns this year that are all supported locally by these churches! Wow! If these people can use Farming God’s Way to assist while taking the gospel then people will be saved and the land healed at the same time, a great assistance to this passionate advance of God’s kingdom!

We also received the presents from William & Yvonne, a fantastic Land Rover made entirely of wood — no nails, no screws and wonderfully detailed, and a piece of decorative cloth. On a less happy note I heard that William’s farm had been burned for the 3rd time! :-/ But that the perpetrators had been caught.

It seems that an exciting year lies ahead, both for us in the support side and Wilhelm in the ministry side. Hopefully quite a few people will be able to go with him next year, and I trust God and pray that our trip will work out well with planning and health and the favour of God to be a blessing to William and his family and area and also some other folks in Malawi wherever else we end up visiting.

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