Good read: Counted Righteous in Christ

Many thanks to Brett, from whom I borrowed this book: Counted Righteous in Christ by John Piper. It is subtitled “Should we abandon the imputation of Christ’s righteousness?” and is a well reasoned defence of the doctrine of imputation — the second foundation of our justification in Christ which is under attack in our day as “passé”. This new development in justification theology robs us of a very great and comforting truth, and all it leaves us with is “our own faith as our righteousness”, which is no very good news!

This does get technical, but I still rate it highly readable — it is challenging but not convoluted. The thing is that the challenge to imputation is stated so subtly and the words are cut so fine, it takes a while to appreciate the distinctions. Strangely I find John Piper much better to read than to listen to, I have downloaded several of his audio sermons, but given up listening to him, still I recommend his writing though.

I was very encouraged and it was good to go over many familiar scriptures from Romans with a fine tooth comb as it were and be reminded of the wonderful riches we have in Christ Jesus our righteousness!

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