Jan Hus: Truth Prevails

Continuing our “honouring the fathers” we watched the Jan Hus: Truth Prevails documentary. While informative this was not great, somehow it wasn’t encouraging in the manner of the Wycliffe story. It was bracketed by the Roman Catholic Church launching of an investigation into the condemnation of Hus at the Council of Constance in 1991, and an apology in 1999 as read out by Pope John Paul II. Somehow the actual teachings and distinctive nature of them seems to have gone missing — the heart of the matter has been lost to an extent I think.

An exonerationapology 600 years later by the Roman Catholic church which still doesn’t stand with him doctrinally comes across as “nice”, and even “well meaning”, but fundamentally missing the point, and downright sad (apparently he is still considered a heretic, but Pope John Paul II expressed “deep regret for the cruel death inflicted”). Would Jan Hus have been a Roman Catholic if he had been alive in 1521? Now? To top it off there is the final editorial piece where we are informed that the chief papal investigator into the matter of Hus’ wrongful condemnation and execution was later exposed as a StB (Czech secret police) informer. It is sad, but almost fittingly so — this whole RC dealing with Hus doesn’t ring true.

I will be investing in the older Vision Video produced movie on Hus. Hopefully that will come closer to the mark.

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