William and the mango tree

On the 11th of January William was miraculously saved from death in a car accident. He was returning back from Blantyre very late at night after being at Home Affairs. The rain was bucketing down, it was pitch dark but the driver who was used to the road was speeding along at great pace. On one gradual corner the rain coming down the hillside had washed a great deal of mud onto the road causing a ridge like a speed bump in the road as it flowed across. Without seeing it under the water the driver hit this bump at high speed and lost control of the vehicle. William was dozing beside him in the passenger seat and woke up from the impact and the driver screaming. The car skidded off the road into a field, in the lights William saw mielies getting flatted in front and whipping past the sides and vaguely a grove of trees looming. He shouted out “Jesus!” and immediately the car stopped. They ended up stopping with the car partially on its left side and mango tree branches protruding into the cab. The driver scrambled out, and William and the others shakily followed a bit later, having to climb out the “top”/driver side. The driver, who was not a Christian, was also very shaken and kept asking “How did this car stop? How did it stop?”. They had stopped within 30cm of the tree trunk. William told him it was Jesus who stopped the car when he called on His name. The driver shook his hand and said very earnestly “Thank you very much! And pass my thanks to Jesus!”

They are both absolutely convinced that at the speed they were going down that hill and the proximity of the mango tree that they would have died on impact, or at least been very badly hurt. There is no natural explanation for the vehicle stopping so suddenly or for themselves not being flung forwards through the windscreen when it did.

They spent the night in the rain by the road and caught a lift the following morning. William spent some days composing praise songs of thanks to Jesus for himself but also for the whole church to sing that Sunday. Praise God indeed! God has miraculously spared us many tears and given us joy and songs by very powerfully demonstrating His most gracious protection. William now has wonderful confirmation over his life that God has a plan and a purpose which is not yet finished!

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