What exactly am I teaching if I let my tiredness, or my busyness, or my stress levels, or whatever, excuse a grumpy attitude at home? Hmm, basically I am broadcasting that I don’t need to obey God when I am busy, tired, or under stress, etc… Ouch!

In fact I am saying that God’s righteous decrees are only totally absolutely really mandatory (a) for other people; (b) in theory; (c) when convenient for me. Yikes!

But you see (I hasten to say): we do regular family worship, and we pray together, and do lots of good fun stuff together, and have really good relationships, so it really doesn’t matter so much if I don’t sort out my attitude problems! After all I am faithfully catechising my children in Following Jesus (When Its Not Too Hard) Double Yikes!

Why can’t I even see it this clearly most of the time? Hypocrisy, self-righteousness, rationalisation… creeping sins, sins of blindness and compromise… comfortable sins…

Jesus detested those sins, he got really angry over them. He still does.

Clearly I need more practice writing. The one comment I got was that I came across as “down”… I didn’t intend to come across as Eeyore, but rather more righteously angry, preferably like a knight furiously storming an ogre’s castle. But alas I come across as sadly down. The pox on sadly down!

To be angry with sin is a great safe guard, more especially treacherous sins that sneak up and make themselves at home and all respectable. These sins need to be violently attacked and shown no quarter.

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Christian husband & father. Also an IT person but that doesn't come into this site much at all. Not on facebook or twitter, probably never will be. You can email me at my firstname at this domain.
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