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Christian husband & father. Also an IT person but that doesn't come into this site much at all. Not on facebook or twitter, probably never will be. You can email me at my firstname at this domain.

by His stripes we are healed

Some years ago we hosted Carl & Ilna and their kids at our place. They were visiting in Cape Town briefly from their mission in Zambia. It was a great time to connect with a missionary family that we had … Continue reading

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Would you bring me something from the fridge?

Great (offensively) prophetic rock song by the then version of the Newsboys about sleepy, comfortable, Christian unfaithfulness. Its old, but still carries the message well. I listened to it several times while driving through the night recently, great fire starter … Continue reading

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What exactly am I teaching if I let my tiredness, or my busyness, or my stress levels, or whatever, excuse a grumpy attitude at home? Hmm, basically I am broadcasting that I don’t need to obey God when I am … Continue reading

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an ogre’s castle

We do not want joy and anger to neutralise each other and produce a surly contentment; we want a fiercer delight and a fiercer discontent. We have to feel the universe at once as an ogre’s castle, to be stormed, … Continue reading

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The gladness of God and His glory

I find it somewhat disconcerting to think of God as “happy”, it seems almost disrespectful. Yet this is what Paul was thinking about God when writing 1 Timothy 1:11. I am grateful to John Piper for chapter 7 of his book God … Continue reading

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Robbed Hell – by C.A.S.T Pearls

Funny, “compelling” parody of Rob Bell’s video trailer for his heretical book “Love Wins” at amazon (watch his trailer first for maximum enjoyment). In this trailer Rob Bell distinguishes himself by vilifying Christ’s substitutionary atonement, impugning God’s character, justice and … Continue reading

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God bless the old Irish (again)

This paper Hearts And Minds Aflame For Christ: Irish Monks—A Model For Making All Things New in the 21st Century by Daryl McCarthy at the C.S. Lewis Foundation’s site is magnificent. A wonderfully strong and encouraging vision — long term, … Continue reading

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Africa is a big place

(click the images for easier to view full sizes) I found an excerpt of this image first on Floyd McClung’s post on Africa maps which set me to trying to confirm if it was accurate — the full image is … Continue reading

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William and the mango tree

On the 11th of January William was miraculously saved from death in a car accident. He was returning back from Blantyre very late at night after being at Home Affairs. The rain was bucketing down, it was pitch dark but … Continue reading

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Shrewd money: it doesn’t go “poof!”

One of the perennial problems with saving up money (assuming one is in the blessed position to do so), is where to keep it so that its both “safe” and generates a good return. This is good stewardship, and not … Continue reading

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